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1st Alliance Volleyball Club and its affiliated clubs are scheduled to compete in several out-­of­-town volleyball tournaments each season.

The club will handle all player hotel reservations directly (unless noted). Parents will not be required to make reservations for their athlete.

However, parents are responsible for their own accommodations if they choose to attend. Parents should contact the hotel, airlines, or reservation service to make their travel plans.

The reservation instructions (updated 2/7/19) pertain to all tournaments in which all 1st Alliance affiliated teams will be competing. Your athlete's team will compete in some, but not all, of the tournaments listed above.

Please check your athlete's schedule and make reservations according to the tournaments in which her team will participate.

Understand that if airline tickets are purchased for a travel event and your athlete changes teams for any reason, the club is not responsible for the cost of those tickets.

Be aware of all airline and hotel cancellation policies.

When scheduling flights, please book reservations according to guidelines set up for each event, typically:

  • arriving PRIOR to 8pm the evening before competition commences, and
  • departing AFTER 6pm on the final day of the tournament.

For year-­end events, such as AAUs in Orlando, Florida and USAV Nationals, parents will be asked to arrive by 4pm.

Contact your athlete's coach if you have any questions, concerns, or issues.

1st Alliance Volleyball Club and affiliated teams that are eligible to play in the AAU & USAV National tournaments will only play in ONE of those events.