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Uncommitted Players

With our large recruiting staff, over 100 years of club coaching experience, and 1000s of college coach connections, we feel we have what all college bound athletes need. In conjunction with SportsRecruits, all of your college recruiting needs can be met at 1st Alliance. 

1st Alliance Recruiting Director:       1st Alliance Recruiting Director: 

Sue Keck                                                                             Sheila Chambers                                        

1st Alliance Recruiting Director:      1st Alliance 18U Recruiting Rep(Head College Coach)

Trish Samolinski                                                           Nicasio Paquiz Jr.                                      

1st Alliance 17U Recruiting Rep:     1st Alliance 16U Recruiting Rep:

Danielle Mikos                                                             Beth Baetzel                                        

1st Alliance 15U Recruiting Rep:    1st Alliance 15U Recruiting Rep: 

Laura Bugarin                                                               Melissa Cox                                    

Recruiting Video Rep:

Matthew Madia                                             
Recruiting Video Information: The recruiting process can be overwhelming at times. The best way to be seen by college coaches is to send them a recruiting video. College coaches look for very specific things in these videos and it is important to send the highest quality video possible. Filming: 1 hour on court session Videos are either all skills or position specific *Hitters need to bring a setter or request one ahead of time.    Editing: Editing takes on average 10 business days. The athlete receives a hard copy DVD She/he also receives a private link to the video online.

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