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1st Alliance VBC Shop

Register here for all 1st Alliance VBC and Lions Jrs. leagues, programs, camps, & clinics

2017 Summer Camp Registration


2017 Summer Camp Registration

from 25.00

Due to rental and staffing costs, Lions Jrs/1st Alliance/3CE have a no refund policy on all camps, clinics, and leagues. A refund will only be issued with a Dr. note indicating the reason for inability to participate. Your email will be used to receive information on upcoming events.

The camp is listed by grade, name, skill level, day of the week, date, time, location, and price!

Entering 7-9th All-Skills #1 Beginner-Intermediate M, T, W (6.26, 6.27, 6.28) 5:00-6:45p Max $75

Entering 3-4th All-Skills #2 Beginner-Intermediate M, T, W (6.26, 6.27, 6.28) 5:30-6:45p Max $55

Entering 5-6th All-Skills #3 Beginner-Intermediate M, T, W (6.26, 6.27, 6.28) 6:45-8:15p Max $65

Entering 7-12th Passing/Defense #4 Intermediate-Advanced Th, M (6.29, 7.3) 6:15-9:15p Max $85

Entering 8-10th (Club Players) All-Skills #5 Advanced W, Th, F (7.5, 7.6, 7.7) 9:30a-11:45a Max $85

Entering 1-4th All-Skills #6 Beginner-Intermediate W, Th, F (7.5, 7.6, 7.7) 12:00-1p Max $45

Entering 8-12th Attacking/Serving #7 Intermediate/Advanced W, Th, F (7.5, 7.6, 7.7) 6:15-9:15p Max $110

Ages 4.5-6.5 Volley Cubs #8 Beginner-Intermediate M, T, W (7.10, 7.11, 7.12) 11:15-12p Max $40

Entering 1-3rd All-Skills #9 Beginner-Intermediate M, T, W (7.10, 7.11, 7.12) 12:15-1:15p Max $45

Entering 4-5th All-Skills #10 Beginner-Intermediate M, T, W (7.10, 7.11, 7.12) 1:15-2:45p Max $65

Entering 6-7th All-Skills #11 Beginner-Intermediate W, Th, F (7.12, 7.13, 7.14) 10:30a-12 Max $65

Entering 7-12th Setting #12 Intermediate-Advanced T, W (7.11, 7.12)

6:15-9:15p Max $75

Entering 6-8th Passing/Ball Control #13 Beginner-Intermediate T, W (7.11, 7.12)

6:15-8:15p MAX $55

Boys Entering 5-9th All-Skills #14 Beginner-Intermediate T, Th  (7.11, 7.13) 6:30-8:30p LTSC $55

Entering 5-8th Attacking/Serving #15 Beginner-Intermediate M, Th (7.10, 7.13)

5:45-7:30p Max$55

Entering 8-12th Attacking/Blocking #16 Advanced M, Th (7.10, 7.13)

7:30-9:45p Max$65

Entering 6-8th Attacking/Serving #17 Beginner-Intermediate M, T, W (7.17, 7.18, 7.19) 6:00-8:00p Max $85

Entering 8-12th Middle Blocker Camp #18 Intermediate-Advanced W, Th (7.19, 7.20) 4:00-6:00p Max $55

Co-Ed Entering 7-12th Ball Control for Defenseand setters #19 Intermediate-Advanced T, Th (7.18, 7.20) 6:00-8:00p Max $55

Co-Ed Entering 6-12th Setting #20 Intermediate M, T, W (7.24, 7.25, 7.26)

3:30-530p Max $80

Entering 3-5th All-Skills #21 Beginner-Intermediate T, W (7.25, 7.26)

5:30-6:45p Max $45

Entering 6-7th All-Skills #22 Beginner-Intermediate T, W (7.25, 7.2

6:45-8:30p Max $55

Co-ed Entering 6th-9th Attacking/Serving/Passing #23 Beginner-Intermediate M, Th (7.24, 7.27) 6:00-7:30p MAX $50

Co-ed Entering 8th-12th Attacking/Serving/Defense #24 Intermediate-Advanced M, Th (7.24, 7.27) 7:30-9:15p MAX $55

Entering 7-12th Summer Setting Series (Once a week clinic) #25 Intermediate-Advanced Thursdays (7.13-8.3) 8:00-9:15p Max/LT $65

Entering 1-5th Basketball/Volleyball #26 Beginner-Intermediate T, W (8.15, 8.16) 4:45-5:45p Max $35

Entering 1st-4th Pre-Fall League Clinic #27 Beginner T, W (8.29, 8.30) 4:30-5:15p MAX $25

Entering 5th-8th Pre-Fall League Clinic #28 Beginner T, W (8.29, 8.30)

5:15-615p MAX $35

Pre-School Sports Day Summer Camp #29 Beginner M, T, W (8.28, 8.29, 8.30) 10-11:30a MAX $55

Name of Camp:
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2017 Summer Volleyball Camps

Lions Jrs/1st Alliance Volleyball Club is one of the top junior volleyball organizations in the nation.

1st Alliance finished 2016 as one of the top ranked volleyball club in the country and first club in Illinois.

Most 1st Alliance club players move on to play at the collegiate level; in the Fall of 2016, we had 100 alumni playing college volleyball, with several players earning All-American honors.

Lions Jrs/1st Alliance players can also be found on varsity teams throughout the Chicagoland area. Several of the first team all state Chicago Tribune players were from the club.

Our summer camps will be run by the same high-level coaches that have helped set these records. Camps will be leveled within each session so that each child is challenged appropriately.  

Download a copy of our camp schedule by clicking here.