Team Parent

A Parent or two to help out each individual team on trips or tournaments. The responsibilities include:
Meals for the players during tournaments, finding and making dinner or lunch reservations, keeping the
cooler filled with food and drinks.


Past teams have done the following fundraisers:
• Concession Stands for Power Leagues at LT
• Car Washes
• Plant and Flower Sales

Please consider volunteering your time in helping with fundraisers or providing ideas on how to raise money

Club Scrimmage

Last year was our second inaugural club scrimmage day. All teams involved were responsible for bringing in
a specific item. Teams scrimmaged and players participated in contests including highest vertical jump,
highest touch, best dig, set, attack, serve.

Please contact Beth Keck if you would like to help plan this year's event or help volunteer.

Send in ideas for news articles, pictures, website suggestions

Our news section features our current players, coaches and alumni, but without parent help we often have no
way of knowing what great things are happening. We encourage all parents to send news clips or articles about
current players, coaches or alumni. We also encourage parents to send action photos for our"Action
Photograph" section under each team page.

How to prepare images for website

1 Save images as RGB (standard color for all digital cameras)
2 Save all images 600 pixels in width or more (resize and/or crop images in any photo editing software)
3 Make sure all images are saved as .JPGs
4 Please send your images to Beth Keck (bethkeck@hotmail.com )